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Turrets and Tiaras


The start to our spring term has been filled with much mystery and intrigue!  On the first full week back the children discovered mystery objects that appeared to be left behind by someone leaving in a hurry.  Due to the sparkly nature of these objects many children predicted that they may have been left behind by a princess.  Just as the children started writing about their findings they had a visitor... it was Sir Knight!  Sir Knight needed the children's help on his quest to find the missing princess and was very interested in what they had discovered earlier that day.  The children will now be spending time finding out about royalty and have been looking closely at the fairy tale 'The Princess and the Pea'.  Later in the term their quest will take them to Lewes Castle where they will no doubt become 'castle experts'!  


Your children will have PE sessions on Wednesday and Friday each week.  Please ensure that they come equipped with; green shorts, a white polo shirt and trainers.


On Fridays, the year 1 children will have spellings tested and we will be issuing homework, so please keep an eye on your child's book bag. We also provide a maths game for you to play and enjoy with your child.


Year R children will be sent home with a simple task for them to enjoy completing at home which may link to either phonics, literacy, maths or their wider learning.


As always please read as much as possible with your child to help them develop their skills. They will be continuing with regular phonics sessions in class to help support their reading.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to come in and speak to Mrs Cox, Mrs Pula or one of the Bluebell team


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