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Eco School Awards
The 'Eco Schools' award is an international programme that helps us to achieve sustainability and tries to make safeguarding the environment a high priority in children’s lives. By following a seven step process, we can look at and address certain issues throughout the school.

 These issues are:
• transport
• water
• recycling facilities/waste minimisation
• litter
• school grounds
• healthy living
• biodiversity


There are three awards available – Bronze, Silver, and the prestigious Green Flag award, which symbolises excellence in the field of environmental activities.


 Eco Committee 2014-2015  


At the start of the Autumn term each class elected new Eco Committee representatives. These children will be spreading the word of our Eco Schools programme and informing their classes of any new developments.

Autumn 2014
The Eco Committee conducted a Litter Pick on the school grounds and were pleased to find they were only able to fill one bin bag of rubbish (and a broken hoop!).  They will conduct another Litter Pick in the Summer Term to determine whether further action needs to be taken.  The area that caused the main concern was the girls' toilets.  In order to raise awareness of this issue the Committee members have discussed the issue with each of their classes and created posters in the toilets to remind children to use the bins provided when disposing of their rubbish.

Miss. Rap organised for a guest speaker from South East Water to visit our school and discuss the importance of saving water with the KS2 children.  All the children were provided with a water timer and a booklet to support them in reducing their water usage at home.  The Eco Committee reported that this had been a great opportunity and it appeared that all their classmates had enjoyed the talk.

Spring 2015
This term has just flown by!  This term the Eco Committee have been focused on recycling unwanted paper/ card/ plastic/ foil across the school.  They carried out an environmental review of the school which indicated that although every classroom had a recycling bin there was some confusion as to how these should be used!  Several of the Eco Committee members created helpful signs that have been stuck on the recycling bins indicating what can and can't be recycled.

As the school grounds spring back into life the Eco Committee have started to think about how we can support the local wildlife.  They have suggested that we place bat boxes in the woodland in the hope that we can encourage nesting.

Summer 2015
As the weather starts to get warmer the Eco Committee will be more vigilant then ever in maintaining the cleanliness of the school playground!  In a recent meeting it was decided that the committee members will remind all the other children to tidy any litter they may see during the 5 minute warning that is rang towards the end of every playtime.  This will hopefully ensure that all rubbish ends up in the bin and is not left at the side of the playground to attract flies!

The Eco Committee Team 2014/2015

Bluebell - Isaac
Fern - Olivia
Bramble - Daisy and Thomas
Laurel - Judah and Flo

Adult members of the Team
Miss. Rap
Mrs. Pibworth

Picture 1 Frame for our plastic bottle propagator
Picture 2 Frame for our plastic bottle propagator
Picture 3 Litter Pick Autumn '14
Picture 4 Litter Pick Autumn '14
Picture 5 Litter Pick Autumn '14
Picture 6 South East Water visit Autumn '14
Picture 7 South East Water visit Autumn '14
Picture 8 South East Water visit Autumn '14
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