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Welcome back to the new look Fern Class.  We are really excited about our new teaching arrangement.  Year 1 and Year 2 are in the old Bluebell classroom. Over the summer it has been transformed into a fresh new learning environment for the children.


The topic this Term will be Super Heroes.  We have a variety of beautifully written and engaging texts to share and enjoy.  These will help us move the children through their learning journey.  Our classroom has already been visited by the Evil Pea from Supertato... our class mascots have gone missing and there is lots of speculation about where they could be and where Evil Pea is hiding out.  Members of Fern Class have searched the school but at the moment there are no signs of the mascots or Evil Pea!


As well as an exciting and engaging start to our topic we are working hard to establish routines and KS1 behaviour for learning.


We have a busy and challenging term ahead of us but with a positive and focused 'can do' attitude we will get there and have lots of fun along the way!


Thank you for your continued support.


It is okay to not know but it is not okay to not try.’

Dr Seuss



Please see below for this term's class overview and if you have any question do please come and see me - ideally at the end of the school day unless it is really important in which case from 8.45 but please do be aware at this time I will be with children!


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