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Fern Class have had an action packed start to the Summer Term.  No sooner had we settled down to learn and we were interrupted by a live radio broadcast explaining that some strange goings on had been reported in the Whispering Woods.  The report asked for some brave young investigators to find out what was going on so we abandoned our lessons and went into the woods to investigate...


Our top investigators quickly established that Goldilocks was the most likely candidate for the disturbances.  This has given us plenty of opportunity to look more closely into her story!


As our topic is Big Chef Little Chef we are making the most of cross curricular links.  In Science we will be looking at ways to keep healthy including exercise and diet.  We will also be looking at plants, what they need to grow and how they grow.


Our aim for English and Maths is to develop the children's confidence and independence.  They have worked incredibly hard all year and now need to try and independently apply what they have learnt.  In Maths this will include showing and explaining their workings and in English it will be seen through the children completing longer pieces of work showing a purposeful selection of appropriate skills and techniques.


I must say a huge thank you to all of your support listening to your children read at home; they have a fantastic success rate for entering the reading raffle.  This term it would be really beneficial if you could talk to your child about what they have read, for example: which characters do they like/dislike, what was their favourite part of the story, what do they think will happen next?  As the children get more confident ask them to justify their choices using evidence from the text to support their responses.  This will help make sure that the children are reading accurately but also that they are understanding what they are reading.


Thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions please do come and see me.



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