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Baarmy Bethlehem!

Please help your child to learn these songs for our Nativity.

A Very Special Secret

Bethlehem Is Barmy Tonight! (Vocal).mp3

Baa Baa Boogie (Vocal).mp3

Hello Shepherds! (Vocal).mp3

Mary And Joseph (Vocal).mp3

We Wanna Shout! (Vocal).mp3


Welcome to Bluebell Class Webpage!



'Why is it good to be me?'

The new children have already made an amazing start to their time at St Mark's and this term we are going to be looking at what makes each of them the little individual that they are and why they are all so amazing! 


We will be learning about how they look, what senses they have, how to communicate and play nicely with each other, how to write their names, who is in their family and how some things in their lives are the same as other children and some are different. The children will be learning that similarities and differences are all important to make them the wonderful human beings that they are.


In Maths we will be looking at numbers to 5 and understanding what numbers means.


Baseline Assessments

In the next week or so, we will also be doing Baseline Assessments.  This is a Government directive that measures where the children are in Literacy and Maths on entry to school.  Mrs Price will do these assessments individually with children, asking standardised questions and inputting the answer's that the children give onto a computer.  The school does not get any data from this, but the Government will use it to measure progress through primary school.   It is not something that you or your children should worry about.  The children will not even be aware that any more is happening except for Mrs Price asking them some questions about pictures etc.  For more information, please click on this link.

Government information on the EYFS Baseline Assessment




This year, St Mark's are implementing an exciting new phonics scheme called 'Sounds Write'.  If you have older children in the school you will notice some differences in that throughout Reception, we only teach single letter sounds e.g. a, s, c, t etc.  and no digraphs e.g. 'ow', 'er', 'ai'.  However, the children will get a lot of practice with their single letter sounds for both reading and writing and then will be ready to move onto year 1 and learn the digraphs and alternative ways of making the same sound.  


We ask parents to support their children to learn to read by reading with them at least 3 times/week. 


We will be sending home 'Home readers' and 'Reading Records' in due course.




Please remember that much of our learning will take place outside and the external door will need to remain open in our indoor classroom to ensure ventilation.  As the weather starts to worsen, it wold be great if you are able to send in a pair of wellies to keep in school.





 Please feel that you can contact me personally on the following email address;


Thank you for sending in your children so ready and eager for school!  It's going to be a good year!


Mrs Price




Here are some useful websites you can use to support your child with learning when they are at home!

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