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Out of Africa!

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Welcome to Bramble Class! I hope everyone has settled back into school and are ready for another successful year. This year, Bramble Class have a secret...they are St Marks Superheros!


The children will be developing their Superhero identities, guided by our Superhero friends that can be spotted around the classroom: Resourceful Ryan, Patient Paula, Team Player Tammy, Courageous Connor, Persevering Pete and Resilient Rita. Our Superhero role models reflect the school's values and will inspire and encourage Bramble class to incorporate them into their own learning behaviour and be the best they can be!


Throughout the Autumn term, our topic is 'Out of Africa'. The children will explore countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. We will be exploring our topic through a creative curriculum in which all subjects will relate to the topic, allowing us to discover the wonders of African culture, Geography, History and Art. 


This term, our main focus will be presentation and handwriting. The children will be expected to take a more conscientious attitude towards their own learning by producing work that reflects only the best of their abilities. We will be having daily SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) lessons to focus on our writing structure as well as exploring story writing, information texts, creation myths and persuasive writing. Our Superhero friends will also help us become Super Problem Solvers and guide use to be more courageous, determined and resilient in Maths. We will be working hard to learn our times tables and engage in some class competitions where the children will be in competition with themselves to progress in Bramble's times table challenge whilst striving to become a Times Table Rock Star!


Please continue to support your child with their reading and times table recall at home. If you have any concerns, or your child is struggling with their homework, please let me know and I will delegate time in the week to go over the tasks. 


Please see below for this term's class overview. If you have any questions do please come and see me, ideally at the end of the school day. If you have any urgent queries, please contact Mrs Richardson to book an appointment and I will try my best to be available at 8.30 am. 


I look forward to another fantastic year with Bramble Class!

Miss Button 



Welcome to Bramble Class!

Welcome to Bramble Class! 1
Welcome to Bramble Class! 2
Welcome to Bramble Class! 3
Welcome to Bramble Class! 4
Welcome to Bramble Class! 5
Welcome to Bramble Class! 6
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Meet Bramble's Superheroes!

We use our powers to help us fight off negative feelings and overcome any challenges we may face in our learning. We understand that it is ok to fail and it is an important part of our learning journey. The most important thing is that we have a go! 

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The Daily Mile!

The Daily Mile! 1
The Daily Mile! 2
The Daily Mile! 3
The Daily Mile! 4
The Daily Mile! 5
The Daily Mile! 6
The Daily Mile! 7
The Daily Mile! 8
The Daily Mile! 9
The Daily Mile! 10
The Daily Mile! 11
The Daily Mile! 12
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The Daily Mile! 14
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