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Christian Distinctiveness

Quotes from our School Community


We base all our learning around a "Big Question" for each term.

In Fern (year 1/2), our question this term is "Do we value what we have?".  We were discussing the issues between Israel and Palestine as part of this:

"I think we are lucky to live in the countryside.  I thank God for living in a safe country and we are protected.  We could raise money for charity to help."

Florrie, Year 1


We received an email from a Reception parent to say that her son had been talking about what he had been learning in school that day:

"Mummy did you know, Jesus is everywhere, he can even go through walls and doors."

Wilfred, Reception.


We look at how our school vision and values impact us when we're in the wider world as well as in our school community.  

"I saw a homeless person on the street and bought them a cup of coffee"

"I saw a disabled lady in the supermarket who asked a man to help her get something off a high shelf.  He refused to help so I went and got the things for her.

Lois, Year 5

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