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Friday's Fun Before the 'Holidays' Begin. How weird is this? Year 5 Maths -divide by the denominator and multiply by the numerator. Year 6 Maths do the Bus Stop Boogie and the Newspaper work is a bit of a laugh in places! I'll put up some TOTALLY OPTIONAL work for the next two weeks tomorrow that you might enjoy and don't forget you've probably got things still to do in the packs we sent home a few weeks ago if you get bored too.

A spot of RE - it's nothing major; try to use the slides as a discussion point. We've been discussing the Gospel accounts of events after Easter Sunday this term and this might help with reflection on the Easter themes of hope and renewal that are more relevant than ever right now.

Running a bit ahead and putting up Thursday already! Happy April Fools' Day people. For the Year 5 Maths use Bus Stop method and remember divide by the denominator. For Year 6 Maths just set it out in one of the two ways we've used all year for multiplication, whichever one works for you.Take care and don't play too many tricks! I'll put up the last work for the week tomorrow afternoon and then some entirely optional activities for the 'holidays'.

For Wednesday - I'm attaching Science too: a lesson plan and possible planning sheet. Make it a filming project for the coming weeks and be Mr Attenborough! Research the life cycle of a critter of your choosing - maybe even make a model of them using anything you've got lying around or improvise with a soft toy. Such fun!

As promised yesterday, some links to resources for parents and children about staying safe online. I am also including a link to an NSPCC resource to help with mental health and well being. The sources for them are the NSPCC and the BBC.


The NSPCC parent link does have threads to a variety of possible concerns, some of which are a few years down the line hopefully.


For the children


For the adults



On well being


Just copy and paste to your browser, they do work  - I've tried them.

What will now become a weekly work slideshow. Enjoy! Updated Thursday 2nd.

Some work from Mr JD!

Tuesday's Maths and English - on the English, don't print the sheet out - just identify what it's asking you to identify - you'll see what I mean!

Each class now has their own email address. This is ours


If you want to email me pictures of work or ask advice you can contact me here, I'll check it morning and afternoon in 'term time'.


Tomorrow I'll put up some links to guidance about staying safe online along with some Science too.


Stay safe!


Mr H and Barney



Tectonic Plates and Lovely Poems from Mr C-S and Miss IW

Tectonic Plates and Lovely Poems from Mr C-S and Miss IW 1
Tectonic Plates and Lovely Poems from Mr C-S and Miss IW 2

Happy Monday Pickles and Penguins. Hope you enjoyed the Sun (if not the wind Brrrr!). I saw the ISS Saturday night, reminded me of Jamie Drake and our trip to Herstmonceux. The English this week follows on from the poetry last week. Hope you enjoy it. I'm putting up the little comprehension, spellings and grammar for the week too. As a bit of mental Maths, go over you're 1, 2 and 10 times tables. Sounds a bit babyish BUT link the 1 and 2 to the 0.1, 0.01 and 0.2 and 0.02 tables. Think about how the digits stay the same but there place value shifts to the left. Create a little poster to illustrate this maybe.

If you want more of a challenge I'll also put up a link to nrich - the Cambridge University Maths challenge site. 


Keep moving and eating well. Be kind and help out. Learn to use the hoover (you learnt how to use the washing machine after Adventure Week!). Do some dusting!


You're always in my thoughts and prayers.


Mr Holmes and Barney



A certain Miss GD has been busy. Good work you luvverlies!

Hello Friday People! Here's some PE ideas from Mrs Stafford. Enjoy!

An explosion of work from Mr J C-S! Good effort sir!

Whilst I'm here, Friday's work (or over the weekend if you prefer, you lovely pumpkins). Why is 'you lovely pumpkins?'a phrase, not a clause? We did it recently.

Dearest Laurels and Your Lovely Parents and Carers,


Thank you so much for your support this week you have - without exception - been amazing. I'm sharing this Government statement (along with the other teachers) simply as a reminder of why all schools are doing what we're doing. It's tough  but we are striving to make our tiny contribution to help the heroes of the NHS save thousands of lives. My love to you all.


The most recent scientific advice on how to further limit the spread of COVID-19 is clear. If children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading.

That is why the government has asked parents to keep their children at home, wherever possible, and asked schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.

It is important to underline that schools, all childcare settings (including early years settings, childminders and providers of childcare for school-age children), colleges and other educational establishments, remain safe places for children. But the fewer children making the journey to school, and the fewer children in educational settings, the lower the risk that the virus can spread and infect vulnerable individuals in wider society.

Schools, and all childcare providers, are therefore being asked to continue to provide care for a limited number of children - children who are vulnerable, and children whose parents are critical to the Covid-19 response and cannot be safely cared for at home.

Some excellent work from Mr LS. Go dude!

Thursday's Fun-Filled Fabulousness Folks. You're reading TS Eliot today dudes! Look him up - utter legend!

I'm going to attach a copy of the calculation policy for St. Mark's (and indeed the whole locality) - it is on the site but, this way, you don't have to hunt for it - so parents and carers can see what we do (it's how they learnt it at school when you get to Year 5 and 6). Also, the SATS revision document a bit lower down on the page has links to top tips on different areas of Maths.

Well hello there Laurel peoples!  Hope you've been out in the sunshine and moving about as much as you can. 

Keep the amount of work you're doing manageable. I'm trying not to put up too much. As well as the hour each on  English and Maths, a bit of work on the spellings, grammar and reading (including the weekly mini comprehension that I put up yesterday) will keep you busy. I'll be putting up some Science work tomorrow that's on your timetable for Wednesday but do it when it's possible.

In terms of the Maths for tomorrow (Tuesday) ignore the tuition on the sheets (unless you find it really helpful!), just do the subtraction activities using the strategies we've learnt this year. If you look at the Year 6 work and it's going on about frogs, that's the strategy we used over the last couple of weeks (I just didn't call it that because you're not 2!wink) Once we've got this week under our belts, I'll look at adding some other subjects like RE - especially as we approach Easter.

BONUS QUESTION - Can you spot the main clause and subordinate clauses in the last sentence I wrote above?enlightened

Maths and English for Monday - remember, work in your books as much as possible. There are different Year 5 and 6 Maths lessons but either are good. Enjoy!

Greetings! I'll be uploading spelling and grammar work for the week, a suggested timetable and ideas for Japan themed activities shortly. Do the work in your books, a spelling word each day and some grammar as suggested on your timetable. Maths and English will follow later in the day.

Hello Laurelssmiley. Over the weekend I will be putting your work for Monday on here and then every day until the current situation changes. I'll be posting a timetable to give you an idea of how long to spend on the tasks. Try to write as much as you can in your yellow book and not print things off if you can avoid it. Most of this you will be able to read off a tablet, so you shouldn't need to use a laptop/PC for long. I'll try to keep it manageable for you and your carers and I'll try to put answers with the Maths questions wherever possible. Make time to exercise and eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. You are always in my thoughts. Take care and God bless.

Mr Holmes

Slides From 18/3/20 SATS Meeting. Please email Office FAO Mr Holmes with any questions.

Below are a link to a SATS revision timetable that begins April 9th. It offers links to explanations that will be of use in the revision process. Additionally, I have attached copies of the Easter revision homework and answer sheets that your child will be given hard copies of.


Good luck!


Mr Holmes

Peter Kenny - Author Visit

A Geographical Land Use Walk - Where? Could? Should? Aliens Build their Intergalactic Supermarket?

Mrs Pula's Magical Moon Buggies!

Laurel Residential November 2019




Thanks to Mr Williams and his technical prowess, the world premiere of Hindleap Warren -The Muddy Truth will take place at Laurel's Celebration Assembly on Friday.

Thank you Mr Williams!


Photos Update

At present we are having problems with the SD card from the trip camera. Hopefully, they can be resolved.


Wednesday 20th - Day 3

All were asleep by 10pm last night after a tiring day.  Slept right through and then had the mammoth task of clearing their rooms this morning - you wouldn't think they'd only been there two nights the amount of time it took!  Looking forward to the last two activities this morning before home time.


Tuesday 19th - Day 2

All slept well last night (well slept some!)

This morning we had rock climbing, team building then lunch of jacket potatoes with lots of different toppings!

This afternoon, we went on the Forest Adventure and played games and then got really wet and muddy (wait for the pictures!). This evening we had a dinner of sausages before swimming!


Monday 18th - Day 1

Everyone is having a great time - they enjoyed lunch and had Canoeing and Archery this afternoon.


9:50pm everyone is settling down for the night. Lana had to go tell the teachers to keep it down as they were giggling too loud!

Tonight everyone went to the shop to buy all their souvenirs!

Key Stage 2 Grammar Glossary

Curriculum Meeting Powerpoint

Constructing an Orrery!

Friday afternoon on the million dollar place value trail challenge: we found 7 digit numbers and established the value of each underlined digit to create a new million dollar number. Fun in the Sun!

Friday afternoon on the million dollar place value trail challenge: we found 7 digit numbers and established the value of each underlined digit to create a new million dollar number. Fun in the Sun! 1

The Solar System is Made of Fruit! In our science learning using our outside space, we explored the relative size and distance of planets using fruit. We were shocked!

Laurel Return! After our summer break we have zoomed into our new topic - Reach For The Stars! We have begun to explore the Ted Hughes classic, 'Iron Man' and have established why we think the Earth is a sphere and why civilisations have thought otherwise in the past.

SATs Powerpoint From Parents' Meeting

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