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Going For Gold

Going For Gold - The Lyrics. I'm putting up the lyrics and the tunes will follow for our production, 'Going For Gold' . I'm hoping to have Year 5 involved too in some way so that's is a start in terms of having something to listen to to begin.

I'm going to attach a copy of the calculation policy for St. Mark's (and indeed the whole locality) - it is on the site but, this way, you don't have to hunt for it - so parents and carers can see what we do (it's how they learnt it at school when you get to Year 5 and 6). Also, the SATS revision document a bit lower down on the page has links to top tips on different areas of Maths.

Below are a link to a SATS revision timetable that begins April 9th. It offers links to explanations that will be of use in the revision process. Additionally, I have attached copies of the Easter revision homework and answer sheets that your child will be given hard copies of.


Good luck!


Mr Holmes

Key Stage 2 Grammar Glossary

Curriculum Meeting Powerpoint

SATs Powerpoint From Parents' Meeting

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