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A very warm welcome to our Laurel page. Here you'll find termly updates of our curriculum projects, what we've been up to, how we're living out our school values and striving to be the change we want to see in the world!

We're also taking part in the Virgin Business Young Entrepreneurs' Scheme in this academic year - amongst many other learning opportunities.


For current Laurels, PE is on Monday and Friday and Home Learning is set on Friday and will be reviewed in class the following Friday.


Thank you and enjoy! 

PGL Morning 3 - Final Update


A super peaceful night and fine breakfast will be followed by climbing, obstacle course or aeroball.

We can be very proud of all our children and adults. The St. Mark's Community values have been fully lived out.

See you at 1!👍

Day 3 Climbing Wall and Challenge Course

PGL Day 1


A very settled Laurel class had a good night's sleep after an exciting range of activities yesterday. Today's delights include abseiling, aeroball and 'All Aboard'.


All good so far - many achievements to be proud of.

And the food is great too!

Autumn 2022 Curriculum Project. Where do we come from? An exploration of Britons, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Early Christianity and a study of immigration and its effects on identity.

Design and Technology Crafting Ancient Greek Catapults

Summer Curriculum Project (Starting Week 4 after SATS) - What is Democracy and How Can I Change the World? (The legacy of Ancient Greece Explored)

Our Spring Project Exhibition and Celebration -thank you coming, we're very proud of your children.

We have been learning about the Buddhist concept of Enlightenment; we drew parallels between the steps needed to make a lotus flower and the Buddha's teachings about the Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path to seek Enlightenment

Shadow Puppets Learning About Light in Science

A poem to celebrate NSPCC Numbers' Day

Laurel Project Spring 2022: What is friendship? Kensuke's Kingdom, Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Aspects of Japanese Culture. We are learning about volcanoes and earthquakes as threats coming from nature. We are exploring deep themes of friendship through a close study of Michael Morpurgo's, 'Kensuke's Kingdom'. We will then compose our own Island Tales that will explore the nature of friendship and what poses a risk to it. Art will focus on the study of Hokusai's wave painting and we will examine other aspects of Japanese life and culture before the end of the Spring term.g

Writing Letters to Doctor Who to Demonstrate We Can Be Responsible Citizens Of The Universe

And The Doctor's reply (From the agent of Russell T. Davies, the series producer)


Dear Daniel Holmes, and Rollo, Ivy, Jackson, Lily, Conor, Jack, Eleanor and Ella,

On behalf of the Doctor, and Russell T Davies, I wanted to thank you very much for your letters.  I know they will be greatly encouraged to know that your generation are different from those of the past, and this knowledge will greatly assist the Doctor in his future endeavours in space.

Best wishes

Bethan Evans



Designing and making for purpose - developing woodwork skills to create a moving vehicle for a target audience/recipient

Creating Maya Stelae as a tribute to this ancient - and still in existence - people

Our children have been reflecting on our value of kindness and used assembly Picture News resources to think about our value of kindness at Christmas

The pictures that inspired the words above about sharing the light of kindness and the light of Jesus at Christmas.

Our visit to Herstmonceux Observatory was amazing and now we're challenging ourselves to see which 3 parts of scientific learning we will still remember in 3 months time. Did you know that stars get cooler, bigger and change colour as they age??

Archbishop of York Young Leaders' Scheme Session 2 - What are the characteristics of an effective leader?

Autumn 1 and 2 Project Enquiry Question: Is it always right to explore? Space Travel and the Maya Civilisation UPDATED with Autumn 2 Maya Overview

Teaching each other about the shift from geocentric to heliocentric models of our Solar System

As part of our Space Project we have been learning about the planets in our Solar System and devising mnemonics to help us remember their position in relation to the Sun.

Re-enacting a scene from The Iron Man in our outside learning space. The Iron Man returns!

The first Archbishop of York Young Leaders Session: we explored leadership and teamwork in the plastic cup challenge, came up with a list of characteristics of what makes a good leader, looked at the Parable of the Good Samaritan and have decided to act in a way that changes the world and shows us to be everyone's neighbour.

Project Inquiry Question Summer 2 What does it mean to be free? The Geography of the Land of the Free, Voices of Freedom in the US Civil Rights Movement, Growing up with SEND. We will begin our project looking at Geographical features of the Americas. We will then explore contemporary childhood in the USA through the book, 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom' by Louis Sachar. This will lead to a comparative study of the three texts we have read this term (Street Child and The Boy on Top of the Mountain). In History we will look at the lives of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jnr and Muhammad Ali and the role their faith played in shaping their actions. We will pull all of this together through a piece of writing exploring how we find examples of our school values in the lives of the fictional and real figures we have encountered this whole summer term and see how these values link to the themes of rights, responsibilities and freedom that have guided our learning.

Pgl day 2

Laurel are having a wonderful second day. We have gone on the giant swing, problem solving and are now doing the trapeze. Later we have sensory trail and wacky races plus a trip to the shop.

PGL day 1

Laurel class are having a great time on their residential! We have managed to avoid most of the rain. Activities today have been raft building, orienteering, climbing and challenge course. We have campfire tonight before bed!

Laurel Curriculum Project Overview Summer 1: Project Inquiry Questions What are rights? What are responsibilities? What was life like as a Victorian Child? This half term we'll be looking at children's lives in Victorian Britain and exploring how class and economic status made this a highly varied experience. We'll explore similarities and differences in present and past experiences of childhood and the role of faith and beliefs for reformers who challenged injustice towards children and how this work still needs to continue. We'll explore the UNHCR Rights of the Child and reflect on both the rights of the children and their responsibilities towards each other, their families, their local and wider communities and their planet. Our central text will be 'Street Child' by Berlie Docherty, which deals with harrowing aspects of a child's life at the time in an age appropriate manner. Our class reader is 'The Boy on the Mountain' by John Boyne (which we began last term) and which will form part of a trio of texts (with Street Child and There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom) in Summer 2 where we will make comparisons of childhood experience across texts.

Laurel Curriculum Project Overviews. This term we have been trialling a new approach to the curriculum that seeks to give children a deeper sense of purpose to their learning in terms of skills, knowledge and how what they do is linked to our values both as a school community and a school of faith. It starts with a big question and is oriented towards end 'product' goals. This term our theme was risk taking and our area of curriculum focus mountains.

Using Fabric and Tissue Paper to Learn about Different Types of Mountains and their Formation

Austin's Butterfly. We're working on using constructive critiques to improve our work. Look how far this butterfly flew in one afternoon! Go to to understand more!

The Kids Are Alright!

Nativity - Coming to the community Staplefield Green near You!

Anglo-Saxon Village Scene with Celebratory Bonfires

Anglo-Saxon Brooches on Recycled Wood Cuttings

Some strange goings on investigating sustainable packaging materials in Science today!

Key Stage 2 Grammar Glossary

I'm going to attach a copy of the calculation policy for St. Mark's (and indeed the whole locality) - it is on the site but, this way, you don't have to hunt for it - so parents and carers can see what we do (it's how they learnt it at school when you get to Year 5 and 6). Also, the SATS revision document a bit lower down on the page has links to top tips on different areas of Maths.

Below are a link to a SATS revision timetable that begins April 9th. It offers links to explanations that will be of use in the revision process. Additionally, I have attached copies of the Easter revision homework and answer sheets that your child will be given hard copies of.


Good luck!


Mr Holmes

Curriculum Meeting Powerpoint

SATs Powerpoint From Parents' Meeting

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