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Values Accreditation. July 2016

I am delighted to inform you that we are officially an 'Outstanding Values School'.
What does this mean? 'The term values based implies that every aspect of life, both personal and professional is based on the way that values are lived. It is challenging, as it calls us to ask what we can give to life, as opposed to what we can get from life. The purpose of adopting VbE is to inspire young people to adopt positive values in their lives so that they can be the best people that they can be and actively demonstrate the values in their daily lives...'
An audit was conducted on July 5th by an external assessor who spent the day in school.
The auditorĀ  observed lessons, talked to Governors, staff, parents and children, observed Collective Worship, spent time on the playground and in the dinner hall. I thought you might like a taste of the report...
'Pupils are accustomed to being listened to and to being respected by all.'
'Staff are caring and put the child at the centre of everything they do.'
'The curriculum is engaging and stimulating with visits and visitors an integral part of school life.'
'Throughout the whole day, in every area, the behaviour was outstanding.'
'In my view St Mark's CE primary School is an outstanding values-based school. It was a privilege to spend a day talking with staff and pupils about all that is being achieved and the plans for future development.'
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