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On Wednesday 18 January 2017 Laurel class went to the O2 to sing with Young Voices.  We had a massive rehearsal in the afternoon singing all the heart inspiring songs like Five Guys Named Moe (5 songs), Birdhouse in your Soul (1 song), Pop Medley (6 songs) and For Those About to Rock Again (4 songs) and more.  Laurel had an amazing time singing and dancing.  Also, we got to meet superstars like the Beatbox Collective - 2015 World Champions!, Tabby Callaghan, the rock singer and Natalie Williams the famous jazz singer  We also met Andy the head person for the fantastic dancers called Urban Strides.  We also got lucky front row seats, so we could see the musicians and dancers really clearly, they even came to talk to us!!!
Ellis, Lucas and David
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