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Return to school videos

We hope these videos will help to prepare children for the return to school.  Please talk these through with your children - especially the younger ones to help with the transition back to school.

Dropping children off at the beginning of the day

This video shows how to enter, drop off your children and exit using the new one-way system and social distancing. Sorry that it's a little muddled in the mi...

Bluebell video September 2020

This will show you what Bluebell (Reception) class will look like in September 2020.

Fern class for September 2020

This is what it will look like for Fern children coming back in September 2020.

Bramble class for September 2020

A video to show children what it will be like coming back to Bramble class in September.

Laurel class for September 2020

A video to show the children what it will look like coming into Laurel class in September.

St. Mark's end of day video

This will help you see how to pick up your children at the end of the day with the new social distancing rules.

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