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The Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage


In the Foundation Stage learning is organised into seven areas (3 prime areas and 4 specific areas):

Prime 1 - Personal, social and emotional development
Prime 2 – Communication and language
Prime 3 - Physical development
Specific 1 - Literacy
Specific 2 - Mathematics
Specific 3 - Understanding of the world
Specific 4 – Expressive arts and design


Our youngest children work towards ‘Early Learning Goals’ in each of these areas. They are assessed against these goals by the teacher on entry and again at the end of their first year in school and the parents and children are involved throughout the year in setting appropriate targets to ensure their continued progress. Year R children work on many activities through the day, some adult directed, some independent. They have a daily Literacy lesson and Mathematics lesson to prepare them for the next stage. Much of the learning takes place outside. 


Children may start School at St Mark’s during the academic year in which they are five (details given earlier). The youngest members of our School have access to a safe and secure outside area. We follow the curriculum guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2012). Children are assessed on seven areas of learning. These consist of three prime areas and four specific areas. The prime areas cover the knowledge and skills which are the foundations for children’s readiness and future progress, and which are applied and reinforced by the specific areas.  Children due to start school in September (either full or part-time) will be invited to visit during the latter part of the Summer Term. The Reception Class teacher and the Teaching Assistant will conduct ‘Home Visits’ either in the July before your child starts school or early September.

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