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Equality Objectives

St. Mark's CE Primary School Equality Objectives 2021-2025

Aim Action to be taken Resources Impact
Provide training for all staff and governors on equality and diversity  Provide specific INSET to staff on equality training. Use opportunities as they arise during INSET to provide training on equality and diversity.  All staff and governors. Training on equality policy and duty  All staff and governors aware of legislation and responsibilities of all stakeholders. 
Narrow the pupil premium gap in Reading, Writing and Maths in all year groups.  Increase the number of Pupil Premium pupils working at the expected standard for their age. Monitor the achievement of Pupil Premium pupils. Plan and deliver interventions to address gaps in learning as identified through on-going assessment.  All class teachers  Gap narrowed in specific year groups and subjects ( as identified through data analysis 
Promote understanding and respect for differences. 

Identify opportunities in the curriculum to look at other cultures/countries, study famous people from ethnic minorities and with a variety of abilities and to celebrate diversity. 

Use collective worship as an opportunity to celebrate festivals of a range of cultures and countries. Use events like World Cup, Olympics, WW1 centenary as an opportunity to explore other cultures. 


Greater understanding and respect for differences. 

The school ethos and curriculum promotes respect for the differences of the school community. Issues are covered through lessons, assemblies.