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Welcome to Fern Class!

Welcome back everyone to another exciting year! We are very much looking forward to our first term back and settling you into Fern life. 

Friendly reminders:  

Mondays and Thursdays - Please ensure that your child has their PE kit on Mondays and Thursdays and that it is the school PE kit. If there are any issues surrounding this, please do get in touch.

Wednesdays - Children's decodable reading books will be changed on Wednesdays, so please make sure your child's previous book in is their bags ready to be swapped. It is even better if their reading book is kept in their bags as we often use these for 1:1 reading in school. 

Fridays - On Friday afternoons, Ferns will enjoy time in our school's library and choosing a book to enjoy at home t promote reading for pleasure. The book your child has chosen may be slightly beyond their reading ability, so we encourage these books to be shared with them by an adult at home who can support reading the text or simple take pleasure in reading it to their child. 

Where does our food come from?

This is our project enquiry question, which we will explore in many exciting ways! Please read our project map below for more details of what we will be doing throughout the term.

Contact Details

This is our class email

Please feel free to email the me and I will respond as quickly as possible.

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