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Welcome to The General Class Page!

As a school, we are striving to ensure that our children become learners for life and that our curriculum provides meaningful connections between subjects.  Our approach is highly creative and based on first-hand experiences. It is this fun and lively approach that will make the learning more real for all of our children and will lead to improved standards.

The curriculum we have developed is underpinned by the National Curriculum and is carefully planned so that there is clear progression and a wide variety of opportunities throughout the school. Each term a different project is planned underpinned by rich texts which will engage and enthuse the learner. We provide opportunities for children to learn in a variety of ways, which include visits and visitors and involvement in whole school projects.

This rigour is needed in order to ensure the curriculum, although creative and based on many first-hand experiences, meets the needs of all of our children.

Through this approach to learning we aim to increase our children’s self-esteem and motivation. We also aim to develop the children’s capability to raise questions and have the necessary skills to investigate and problem solve whilst also increase the children’s confidence to raise and debate issues both within and outside of their own personal experience.

Please take a look at the class pages to see what projects have been planned for this term. For more detailed information please see the curriculum pages.