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We seek for our children to develop a strong understanding of people of faith and of those who practice no formal religion. The central faith studied is Christianity and the children will explore this through developing textual analysis (theology), understanding practice and its impact on believers' lives (social sciences) and the concepts underpinning beliefs (philosophy). The RE Curriculum will also explore Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Humanism with a similar approach and all will be explored in a spirit of critical understanding. As with all subjects, each unit of study will have specific ‘sticky knowledge’ (the things we want the children to know or skills to be able to apply long term). These are guided by ‘Golden Threads’ that weave throughout all RE learning and they are: Faiths in Text; Faiths in Practice (Impact/social aspects); Deeper Exploration of Faiths (philosophical ideas) 


RE will take place every week for an hour and a quarter (or sometimes as a ‘blocked’ period where a half-term's learning happens over two weeks if this will make a particular unit of study more effective). Concepts from the learning will also be explored in worship where appropriate to consolidate the learning. High quality resources will be used from both ‘Understanding Christianity’ and ‘The Emmanuel Project’. Teaching practice is also guided by the subject leader’s regular work with diocesan advisers that is fed into whole school practice. 


Understanding will be gauged from learner voice conferencing, quality of work produced and end of unit quizzes, along with ongoing formative assessment within and between lessons. In line with our school's approach to oracy, children will learn to explain their ideas in full sentences and justify choices made in approaches to understanding the world's major faiths and philosophies. They will learn to build on others’ ideas and share knowledge and skills with a collaborative approach. Learners will be able to recall and build on previous knowledge and subject-specific skills and develop the ability to make connections with their own life experiences alongside acquiring a strong sense of celebratory empathy for humanity in all its rich diversity. 


Parents/carers have the right to withdraw their child from all or part of RE.  To discuss this, please contact the school office to make an appointment.