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Useful Links

This Page of our website is to provide Parents and Carers with useful websites that may be of some interest to you. 

  • Parent's Resources
    Articles written by practising teachers designed to help with the education of your child

  • DirectGov
    The latest and widest range of public service information from the UK government.

  • Parentline
    24 - hour support for parents and families offering non-judgmental advice on a variety of issues.

  • Family Education
    Advice and Guidance for parents of all ages of children- games/activities/quizzes.

  • Think You Know!
    CEOP website- Staying Safe Online. Guidance and games for children from 5-16. How to use Parental Controls.

  • Crick Web
    Free educational interactive teaching resources and activities- this link will support with multiplication tables but there are plenty of other curriculum areas to look at.

  • Maths- times tables!
    On-line multiplication practice...but there are plenty of other activities too!