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What Our Families Say About Us

We are proud of our links with our local community and more widespread families.  To assist you when making a decision about which school to choose, we understand that opinions of our current pupils and families matter. Please see below for what our families say about us. 

"Friendly, welcoming environment with a fun learning atmosphere that promotes a healthy balance of academic and social education"

"St. Mark's is a very positive school.  The difference in my child has been amazing.  He is very happy, enjoying school and achieving more than we hoped for.  He has grown academically and in confidence since coming here."

"I love the fact that every child has the best opportunities at this school. I love how they work with the older children"

I like that you allow each child to shine in their own individual way in a supportive environment."

"The small size helps to build a strong sense of community and confidence and the class teachers and headteacher reinforce this.  The outdoor space is brilliant, as is the provision of extra-curricular, especially piano lessons and French.  The teachers really care about the children."

"Teaching staff are exceptionally caring and therapeutically aware of the needs of the children in the school."

"As a smaller school, it had a fantastic community atmosphere, and also provides ample opportunities for the children to be involved in a range of activities, excursions and extra-curricular activities."

"I like that it has a small and personal touch, when it comes to the individual care and attention regarding each child."

"St. Mark’s has individual approach to each child.  My child’s support has been tailored to his needs."

"The nurturing environment which has built confidence in our children."

Feedback from Parent Questionaire, Feb 2024

"Thank you so much,  my daughter has had the most amazing time at PGL.  It sounds like it was a lot of fun.  I cannot believe how many activities they managed to do.  She's made memories that will last her a lifetime!  

Thank you to all the staff who were involved, the time and effort that they put in to make it all happen is much appreciated."

Year 6 parent after the October residential 2022

"Thank you - we are very pleased to see that our child is progressing so well.  He is enjoying school and is very much enjoying the actual learning experience, especially phonics and maths.  We've seen a big development in him since the start of the year.  Thank you for the work you've put in."

Reception parent, July 2022

"My child has settled into school life so well this year.  At home, like at school, we have seen many changes in his personality as he has developed his learning skills.  He is full of joy and love with a ripple of cheerfulness.  Thank you for helping him in his foundation year at St. Mark's.  He often comments on his positive and fun time in class."

Reception parents, July 2022

"His reading at home is quite incredible and I hope his love of books continues.  I love how confident he is at breaking down big words (and numbers!).  He has a real joy in mixing it up and figuring it out."

Year 1 parent, July 2022

"I'm very happy with how school is progressing for my child.  He is enthusiastic about school and I really feel he is receiving excellent support."

Year 4 parent, March 2022

"Thank you for all you do for our children.  They are better because of you."

Anonymous parent from questionnaire, March 2022

"My child loves school and enjoys all aspects of it.  I think he's done so well at St. Mark's and I am extremely pleased with how he's got on here.  I think the teachers and community spirit are amazing."

Year 3 parent, March 2022

"I have really enjoyed the Archbishop of York Scheme my child is doing in Laurel class.  It has opened her eyes more widely to being part of the community and how she can be more involved.  I also appreciate that she has had other opportunities outside of the normal school day such as the residential and clubs.  It is so important for them to experience different things in a safe way."

Year 6 parent, March 2022

"So happy with St. Mark's.  Such a lovely and happy family environment.  I have not heard anyone complain about the school and the quality of teaching is fantastic.  It's an absolute gem of a school."

Mum of children in Year 2 and Year 4, Oct 2021

"Olivia has blossomed and learnt so so much and I can’t fault any of the teachers in the school especially Miss Button who has really helped Olivia with her confidence and the change in Olivia has been amazing. I want to say a massive thank you to everyone in the school and would recommend it to anyone wanting to put their child into a lovely primary school such as St Mark's."

Year 4 parent 2021

"We just wanted to thank you both and your team for creating a wonderful start to school life for Gaia...she has come out on cloud 9 and still up there! Absolutely thrilled and told us all about her time there, saying she had a lovely day and that school was fantastic! 

The video lessons meant that both she and I felt as though we knew you already! If I didn't seem to introduce myself in a normal way Mrs Cox it's because I feel as though I have met you many times...but of course you had never met me!! Strange times!"

Reception Parent, March 2021

"I wanted to say an enormous thank you for everything you’ve done so far this term. The communication has been really clear and I’ve been really impressed with how well google classrooms is working."

Year 2 Parent, February 2021

Email sent to Ofsted during the second lockdown, Janurary 2021:

"Good evening,

I would just like to make you aware of how impressed I am with how St Marks, CofE Primary school in Staplefield, West Sussex has managed the constant challenges they have faced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During Term 1, the hard work and dedication of Ms Laura Kelsey and all of her team managed to create a safe and happy place when the world around was and still remains full of negativity and uncertainty. Their love and passion for the well-being of their children shone through as all children enter and leave school each day with a smile on their face.

As we tuned in to watch the Prime Minister's national lockdown announcement on Monday 4th January at 8pm we learnt of the remote schooling going forward. By 9pm the same evening, my husband and I received an email from Ms Kelsey with an informative letter of what the next steps would be (Please remember that the school had no warning of this announcement and I know that they would have put in a lot of hard work to continue to make St Marks safe but happy for all of their children). As a parent of a reception pupil, this was our first time of 'home schooling' so was not sure what to expect but impressively by the following morning, I logged on to Google Classrooms to already find that work and lesson plans had been uploaded for us to start that day. These amazing teachers had just 12 hours to adjust their teaching to 'remote' and I think that they have done a truly fantastic job! The online portal has daily lessons which Mrs Cox has delivered in a clear and fun manner and my daughter participates with the daily activities and shouts out answers just as she would if she was at school. Once we have watched each lesson and uploaded our 'homework', Mrs Cox quickly replies with her feedback giving my daughter the sense of still belonging to school and this also helps my daughter acknowledge what she's achieved. Mrs Cox has put up several resources and activities for my daughter and I to explore at our own time so we are never at a loss of what to do.

These teachers are not getting enough praise for all of their hardwork so I wanted to take time to acknowledge their achievements."

Reception Parent, January 2021

"I have nothing but good things to say about St Mark's and all the lovely teachers!! All my children have loved it!

I am so sad that it is coming to an end.  There is such a lovely, caring and welcoming atmosphere in the school and I have to say that your open and happy personality as the Head Teacher has a lot to do with that.

Isaac has so enjoyed his last 2 years with Mr Holmes he gets very emotional when he thinks about leaving.

He has already said he would like to come back for every inset day if he can.

And as I said in my card I really have appreciated your kind and understanding approach to our beliefs, although you may not have always understood or agreed with them. So I say thank you to you too!! We are really going to miss you all!!"

Year 6 parent sent as their child was moving on to secondary school, July 2020

"I hope you have a wonderful summer break, you've most definitely earned it! Thank you for being so amazing through some really testing times.  We really are lucky to be part of such a wonderful school, filled with an amazing team of staff. We’ve all missed school and church Tuesdays a lot and can’t wait to come back in September."

Year 2 Parent, July 2020